G-1270 Tan
G-1270 Tan
G-1270 Tan
G-1270 Tan
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Casual Belts  (In Stock)


Made from 100% Genuine Leather. All GIL® leather belts pass rigorous quality inspections ensuring only perfect belts reach the market. This belt has 3 Dimensional Embossing finish.


For a perfect fit please buy belt of same waist size as of your trousers. This leather belt has 7 holes for better fitting. This belt is perfect to wear with Jeans, Trousers and Chinos. Width of belt is 40 mm.


- Adjustable Size: You can remove the buckle to change the size of the belt according to your need.


This leather belt is perfect for gifting on all occasions and comes with a quality gift box. You can gift this belt to family and friends.


Leather is a natural material and all leather hides are not same hence slight colour variation is not to be treated as defect.

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